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The following terms and conditions apply to all offers, sales and deliveries from NORDANO APS (hereinafter the Company) unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Company's distribution network can cause the buyer will receive its products from countries other than Denmark accompanied by a delivery note issued from the current leverandøri this country. Although the delivery note should contain terms and conditions that differ from current conditions, the present Danish conditions still apply between the company and the buyer.

Offers and order acceptance:

written offer from the company is only binding on the company, if accepted in writing and acceptance is received by the Company within 7 working days from dato-/tidsangivelse of the document containing the company's offer. Oral offer / acceptance is not binding on the company unless the company submits written confirmation to the buyer. If the order confirmation deviates from the customer's order at a premium, restriction or reservation, and the buyer does not agree to these changes, it shall, within 24 hours written notice to the Company. In the opposite case applies only to the company's order confirmation.


Prices quoted are inclusive. customs, but excl. packaging, taxes and other charges. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer pays shipping from the place of delivery, and handling fee. The Company reserves the right to adjust the prices stated in accordance with changes in customs and tax rates, currency, supplier prices, commodity prices, etc., which might occur before delivery. If the company's costs increased as a result of the buyer, the company may claim compensation for this. Discounts granted only if agreed in writing.

Payment Terms:

Payment terms are net cash at the buyer's receipt of the goods, unless otherwise agreed in writing in order confirmation or invoice. Buyer fails to pay on time, calculate an interest rate of 2% per year. month. Agreed discounts granted only if the payment is received on time.


The delivered goods remain the Company's property until payment is made in full to the extent that a retention of title is valid under applicable law.

Delivery and shipping:

Delivery is ex the Company's business address and shipment is at the buyer's risk and expense. If delivery with independent carrier, delivery, however, the surrender of such carrier, or by surrender to the forwarding agent, whether simply disseminates itself or is responsible for this. Delivery time is determined separately for each delivery. If a delay in delivery can be foreseen, the company is obliged to immediately notify the Buyer thereof and of the new delivery.


If delivery is not performed within 1 month after the specified delivery date, the Purchaser may by written notice to the company to state that the order be canceled if delivery is not made within 14 days after the company has received the message. Delivery takes place not before the expiry of the 14 days, the order as canceled. Buyer is not entitled to compensation for any direct or indirect loss from any cause, unless the delay is caused by one of the company gross negligence. The Company is in no way responsible for operating loss, loss of profits or other indirect loss or damage.


The products come with guarantees as producer or supplier, the company offers. Buyer may not rely on any additional guarantee to the company. The buyer is obliged to check the goods immediately upon receipt. Complaints must be made in writing within 7 days of receipt. In the case of hidden defects extended warranty period of 3 months from the receipt of item. If the buyer does not within the time limits notified the company that he will invoke a defect, he can not later rely on it, unless the company has taken deposits ; else the object for a long time or has acted fraudulently.


The Company is not responsible for any defects in the delivery caused by errors or omissions in its supplier or manufacturer, or otherwise justified by the supplier or producer. To the extent that the company may have legitimate claim of supplier / manufacturer, transporting honor this obligation to the buyer, so the buyer is committed to his claim directly against the producer / supplier. Any claims by the purchaser shall not exceed the defective shipment of invoice value excluding. VAT.

Product Liability:

The Company is not responsible for damage to real or personal property, and the Company is not liable for loss of profit loss or other indirect loss or damage. The company is solely responsible for the injury caused by the products supplied, if it can be proved that the damage caused due to errors and omissions expelled by the Company. To the extent that the Company incurs liability to third parties, the buyer is obliged to keep the company skadesløsi same extent as the company's liability is limited to the above points. If a third party makes a claim against any of the parties for compensation in accordance with the above, that Party shall notify the other party. The buyer is liable to be sued in the same court, which deals with product liability case against the company.

Force Majeure:

The Company shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations if they are prevented from or be unduly burdensome due to fire, explosion, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, state of emergency, beslaglæ com m unications, currency restrictions, import or export, labor disputes, shortage of transport, general shortage of materials, defects or delays in deliveries by sub-contractors or other circumstances implied its domination.


Items may be returned only after prior written agreement. Return Consignments must be in unopened and undamaged original packaging indicating originalfakturaens number and date. The Company reserves the right, by crediting to deduct a restocking fee of 20% of the invoice value. Return is at the buyer's risk and expense. Custom made or special sourced goods can not be returned.


The above terms and conditions can only be waived by express written agreement between the parties.


Any disputes relating to agreements between the buyer and the Company shall be governed by Danish law at the Company's home jurisdiction.

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    Der tages forbehold for trykfejl, udsolgte varer samt pris- og specifikationsændringer m.v. Generelt foretager vi prisregulering årligt i forhold til den normale prisindeks
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    the normal price index adjustment.

    Alle priser er ekskl. moms og i DKK./All prices are excl. tax and in DKK

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    The exemption can only be made in relation to the tax / VAT administration's rules in Denmark - ie. mainly for foreign customers with valid VAT number.
    Please contact us if you have questions.

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